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How To Turn Your Brilliant Ideas Into Cash

There are so many people or organizations out there who are waiting to pay for your ideas. In the world today, the top income earners are those who are creative with different and crazy business ideas. These people initiate new things and market it to others while some render their ideas as services to their clients.

Have you ever ask yourself the functions of managers in an establishment and why are they the top paid staffs in an organization?

Well, the reason is that they are been paid to think for you and not that they are the most reasonable staffs among others but because they have been known as professionals in their fields.

Do you know that you can turn your crazy ideas into fortune and you start making millions of naira just for advising or educating other people on what you know better than them? This ideas can be turn into information product which you will market to your audience at any price you wish to.

I have compiled this post to equip you on how to turn your ideas into cash in order to move to a greater height.

Steps to turn your ideas into cash

==> Select a subject you are passionate about: If you want to be successful in turning your ideas into cash, you should pick up a niche or subject you are passionate about and develop yourself on it. When you become an expert or a professional in that subject, you will see that people will always pay for your professional advice.

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==> Find people who are willing to pay for your information: There are two major ways of doing this which are;

  • Get a copy of Standard Rate and Data Survey (SRDS): The SRDS directories list all business publications, news paper, consumer magazines, direct marketing mailing list and broadcast medias in the world. So you can take an advantage of that.
  • Get a mailing list: You can either create or rent a mailing list from other people who have active subscribers on their list.

how to turn your ideas into cash

==>Discover the kind of information your audience have been getting: You can do this by going for a market research which will enable you to know the kind of information your audience have been getting from other successful markers. The information you get from them will enable you to determine the kind of information they want and the format they prefer to be delivered to them.

There are two ways to get this information

  • Direct: This require you to talk to them one on one.
  • Indirect: This require you to know the kind of information other successful markets have used.

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==>Design your product in a unique way: After you must have finished finding out what your audience love, compare your product with that of your competitors and add more values to yours. Don’t imitate your competitors.

==> Test your product: Testing your product is very necessary after design. However, it will enable you know how effective your product is.

==> Create a marketing campaign: Creating a campaign will create public awareness to your product. You can use radio, tv, online, social media ads for this.

==> Create the next version of your product: When you must have succeeded in marketing your product, the next thing is to create another version that will make your audience stick to your product. This will also bring more audience to you.

Having read this post, what do you think about turning your ideas into cash?

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  2. Whether you re a born inventor, insanely curious, or have just been struck by a good idea out of the blue, it can be quite the process to actually turn that brilliant lightbulb moment into a tangible product.

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