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Top 9 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money Online As A Blogger

As a blogger, to make money with your blog have been your wish if anyone should ever ask you. But do you know that there are many bloggers all over the world who made their blogs a full time job?

Well, I believe that this is not the first time you are hearing this because before you chose blogging as a career, you must have read different articles that shows you how to make money online with your blog or other related once.

But one thing I must let you know is that, there are so many dos and don’ts you need to be aware of as a blogger and when you have this in your mind, making money online with your blog will never be a problem to you.


I am telling you this now is because I was once a victim of this situation before I realized my mistakes then, it was already late and I have to abandon my blog to create another which you are reading right now.

Having had such experience initially in my blogging career doesn’t mean I should give up my blogging career, but the experience made me to develop myself for the future. As at today, I can now boost of having a standard blog with good contents and also writing for other bloggers to make money online.

Top 9 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money Online As A Blogger

1. You don’t read books from other authors

If you must learn how to blog for cash, you need to read books both hard and soft copies from other successful authors. Like I told you earlier about the failure in my first blog, what caused that was as a result of ignorance because I see that people always share their success stories online and I didn’t know the secret behind it and then just jumped it blogging.

When I discovered that I wasn’t making anything from the blog, I abandoned it and went for a forum because I thought that that’s the best place to get more traffic since anyone can post on forums.

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After some times, someone posted an information with a link to download free ebook that really explained how to make money with affiliate marketing and I downloaded and read it. After reading, I was amused by the result I got from the affiliate programs I applied for using the information I got from the book. When i discovered how effective this book was, I started buying other ebooks and developed myself with them.

2. You spend more time chatting on social networks

The time you spend chatting on social networks are time wasted because you will only get busy chatting nonsense and if you should observe something about these social networks, you will notice that it’s time consuming.

All those time you spend chatting with friends can contribute a lot to your blog. I am not saying that social networks are bad, so don’t misunderstand me because you can also use it to build traffic to your blog. It’s also good to join some valuable groups and pages that can teach you more.

3. You haven’t paid the necessary dues

To make money online blogging requires great prices you may not want to pay if you are not confident enough. Most successful bloggers today have really paid a lot of prices to be where they are today. Some prices requires your resources or energy but at the end, you will get it in 100 folds.

If you should check out the lifestyle of successful bloggers, you will notice that they do not sleep at night while others are sleeping, they use their last cash on them to get internet connection, buy softwares, books and other resources that can contribute to their blogging career.

4. You don’t blog on a particular niche

When you blog on a particular niche, people will know you for that and it also help you to gain authority over that niche. A friend of mine use to say that, jack of all trades is a master on none. So when you focus on a niche, you will make money with it no matter how competitive it is. Just be unique and don’t imitate others.

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5. You easily give up after little trial

Giving up is not an option for any successful blogger. If you should trace the history of most successful bloggers, you will find out that they have failed severally before they became who they are today.

6. You brag when you haven’t made it

This one is very popular online, I see many quack bloggers who brag all over the internet trying to make people feel that they have it all. When you go through their blog, you will discover that they have nothing to offer order than bragging.

When you brag so much, it will make real people stay away from you because they know you have nothing to offer. When you see a blogger that is making money online, you don’t need to ask because the picture will be boldly pasted on their blogs. So stop bragging and stay cool so as to learn more.

7. You don’t connect with other successful bloggers

This is another bad thing for any blogger if you don’t connect with other bloggers. When you connect with other bloggers, you share ideas that can help both parties.

8. You don’t plan your blog post

When you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Before you make a post, it is always good to plan it and it will make it easier for you. You can start your plan from the keywords, write up and when to publish. This will give you enough time to write ahead.

9. You imitate others

This is all about being unique and no need to copy others because they have made it with what they are good at. You should identify your strength and weakness so as to know the best niche you can write about. When you develop yourself, you make things different and you will be known for that.

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