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Top 5 Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Now

There are so many online business opportunities that doesn’t require any capital to start-up. In this post, I’ll be sharing the top 5 Online business ideas you can start-up as a young enterprenuer and still make huge amount of profit from it.

Looking at how the world is advancing day by day, nobody needs to tell you that online businesses are flourishing. Online businesses is likely to continue growing in the coming generations.

Online business is one of the best investment young entrepreneurs can do. Online business is also one of the businesses students can begin in order to meet to some level of independence.

I’m saying these because an online business or even most online businesses requires little or no capital to start it up which gives the young entrepreneurs and even the young ones the opportunity to startup.

Unlike the traditional business that comes with limitations such as a business man being able to only reach clients within his country, it’s not so in online business because you can target global audience.

Top 5 Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Now


Is Online Business Profitable?

Online business can be and will be a profitable and lucrative source of income if you have a good business idea that will attract clients to patronize you.

Recently, I researched about the latest and best online businesses for beginners in 2017 and I found 5 online businesses which am going to be writing an article about them based on my research.

Remember that where there is an opportunity, there is a competition. So it’s advisable you conduct a good research about the online business, financial estimate and competition analysis before jumping into conclusions.

Note: Please note that this write-up centralised on long-term online businesses which will requiring little or high level of investment.

Most Profitable Online Business Opportunities You Can Work From Home

Below is the list of the top 5 online business ideas I recommend you invest into.

1. Blogging

Blogging is certainly one of the best (if not the best) business anybody can do online, be it a young student or an entrepreneur.

One of the reason blogging is one of the best business one can do online is because you actually need a very little capital to start a blogging business.

Blogging will pay you of as long as you are willing to devote your time to researching and writing quality blog post, marketing your contents, learning and implementing SEO all by yourself and you’ll get to realize that blogging will cost you almost nothing.

All you just need is a hosting plan and domain name, then you are good to go. With blogging you can earn income with any or all of this three monetization methods.

• Publishing ads on your blog using the AdSense program.

• Affiliate Marketing wherein you promote a company’s product or services to your readers. You get paid by the company when someone buys’s a product or service using your Affiliate links.

• Sponsored Post Or Guest post

Note that blogging is not all about writing quality articles. It includes, proper keyword research, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO (Backlinks) and content marketing most importantly.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

You can earn cool money with YouTube if you are capable of creating videos that people will love to watch through your YouTube channel. The videos could be anything entertaining, informative, educative, etc.

As long as your YouTube channel helps to entertain, educate and solve people’s problems, then you will earn passive income with it.

Forbes recorded that top YouTuber, Pewdipie, earns a whopping sum of $12 million annually. That’s huge money you know.

However, you can earn on YouTube with the AdSense program. Please note you can only earn with the videos you created by yourself. So be sure not to upload a copyright protected video as this violate YouTube terms which might to the disabling of your account.

3. Freelance Writing (No Investment)

Let me tell you that writing is one of the greatest skill anyone can have because most of the things done online requires the act of writing in one way or the other.

Not everybody is a writer, but if you are one, count yourself lucky because there are multiple of freelance writing opportunities online. You can generate a lot of money with this.

As a creative writer, you can earn in one or even more of these various ways which are writing articles, writing blog post, writing editorials, writing magazines to those who are busy.

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4. Online Book Publishing
Are you a novelist, a tech-savvy person or a creative writer? If yes, then am sure you may have thought of publishing your book someday.

While seeing your name listed on the best sellers list might seem like a daydream, it’s actually easier than you think.

Whether it’s a fiction novel, a romance novel, a child’s picture story, or a marketing guide, you now have many different options for self-publishing your book.

It’s left for you to release your creative write-up as an eBook and sell it on your website or you publish it on the Kindle store. You can also use an in-demand printing services such as CreateSpace.

5. Facebook Ads Consulting (No investment)

Once a proper campaign is designed and implemented, Facebook ads can be extremely effective.

However, the constant shift of advertising rules and technology by Facebook is making it tough for most marketers and business owners to profit from it, which is why honing your Facebook skills and becoming an expert in the field and then offering your services as a consultant could prove to be a very lucrative business.

You just have to learn the program and master the rules. If you have any question or contribution about these online business opportunities, feel free to use the comment box below and also remember to share with your friends…

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