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Top 25 CPA Networks That Pay Daily

CPA means Cost-Per-Action and it’s a way companies use to promote their products / services to generate more sales. Sometimes, the products / services might not be sold but the promoter get paid for any action such as sign up, trial etc done by the visitors.

There are thousands of CPA networks all over the net but only few are reliable and paying well. Before you sign up for any CPA network, it doesn’t mean you must have a website to do that but surely they will always ask you how you intend to promote their offers, products or services. You can tell them that you intend to use Offline promotion, SEO, PPC, Video marketing and social networks e.t.c.

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How To Get Accepted By Cpa Networks Faster

Whenever you apply for CPA networks, the first thing you have to do is to call them immediately after you have send your application. Or you can as well send them email to remind them of your application as soon as possible.

When you do this, they may likely ask you questions like

CPA Network: “How do you intend on promoting our offers?”

You: “Well, I intend to promote your offers Offline promotion, SEO, PPC, Video marketing and social networks e.t.c.”

CPA Network: “What offers are you particularly interested to promote?”

You: “I plan to promote zip, email submits and some survey offers too.”

Now they usually ask you for a website. In this case you have two options. If you already have an established website give them your website url, but if you don’t then say that you plan to make one for every offer you will promote. You can also say that you use Offline Promotion and social networks.

That should get your account approved. Don’t go any further until you get a CPA account.

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List Of Top 25 CPA Networks That Pays You To Promote An Offer

  1. Copeac
  2. Marketleverage
  3. Maxbounty
  4. Clickbooth
  5. Commission Junction
  6. WebSite
  7. AdFish
  8. AdReporting
  9. AffiliateFuture
  10. CPAEmpire
  11. eAdvertising
  12. AdterActive
  13. LinkShare
  14. ModernClick
  15. LeadClick
  16. CPAJunction
  17. AzoogleAds
  18. ShareASale
  19. CPAStorm
  20. Affiliateer
  21. HydraMedia
  22. RocketProfit
  23. AffiliateCop
  24. AffiliateWindow

How To Find An Offer On CPA Networks

In this method I am about to show you now, we are going to focus on one particular type of offers. You can however apply this method to other niches, offers or your own products as well.

With this method we are going to promote free trial cpa offers which is the best type of offers to promote.

  • The cost to customer is less than $5.
  • The commission you get after this offers is more than the cost, preferably over $20.

So, you have to look for a free trial offer that has a nice landing page, costs under $5 and pays out more that the cost.

When you get such offer, then start promoting it and I bet you that the sky will be our starting point as you do.

Hope you find this information useful or do you have any other Cpa networks to share with us? Please use the comment box below let’s hear from you…a

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