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Top 10 Online Payment Services For Small Businesses

There are so many online payment services that allow you to make and receive payment around the World which I’m here to mention in this post. I can vividly remember in the era when transacting with other foreign countries was a problem because there was no means of making and receiving payments which caused a great barrier in our international businesses. But today, there are so many payment services which made it easier to make payment from the comfort of our homes.


Now that technology has improved, we are now able to receive payment online using online payment services which include web processing solution, electronic fund as well as updating the database when the payment processes are successful. This means that your buyer can now transfer money from their account to yours using these online payment processing platforms. These online payment processing platforms are safe and secured for any kind of transactions.

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List Of Online Payment Services To Make and Receive Payments


This is a multi-channel electronic platform that support many networks which include Visa, Amex and Master card. Their transaction is mainly on cash or check based. Their payment can be automated and can be processed through many channels such as POS, ATM, WEB and MOBILE.


This is formally known as Alertpay and it’s very easy to use with one time account set up. Payza is widely used by most business people and websites that sells products around the globe. Payza is very flexible and secure to use.

ACH Payments

This has so many features that make it one of the best among others around the world. This service enable you to make global payments, as well as serving as a receiving gateway, credit card processor, merchant account, and mobile payment processor. It can also be use to handle ACH payments as well.

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This is the most common one among all the list of the online payment services mentioned in this post. Paypal is the world’s most widely used payment processing service with over 138 million active account supporting 26 currencies in it’s platform. Most business owners uses Paypal for quick transaction.

Inter-switch InternetPay

This is another gateway that is secure and reliable for electronic transaction processing. You can accept payment from a diverse range of payment channels and their Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) switching application accepts other network such as Master card, Verse, Visa, and China Union Pay. You can receive money from your local and international customers with the platform also.


This is a privately owned payment gateway integrated with E-Transact and inter switch. They allows you receive payment through their user interface gateway.

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This allow WordPress users to create their very own e-commerce shop. There are several neat features that make this payment processor which worth your time. This payment processor is vendor and customer friendly and also allow you to manage your store’s daily activities, learn about shipping and tax rules, and view your store’s overall performance in the platform.

Unified payment

This was formerly known as value card and it is the current partner of Visa Inc. You can receive both visa and master card payment with their gateway.


Payoneer is the trending payment processor online today that allow people all over the globe to take part in their payment service. Payoneer is good for receiving payments from affiliate companies, your Adsense earning and more. Their platform is user friendly for any kind of business because they issue you with a Mastercard and also create an account for you which will enable your to receive money from any part of the world.


This is a nice payment processing gateway that allow you to register and also engage in their payment activities. You can receive payments from your local and international customers with this payment gateway.

From the list of the online payment services mentioned above, there are three major ones you can integrate with your website which are E-transact, Inter switch, Paypal, WooCommerce and unified payment.

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