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What is The Best Web Development Framework to Learn?

Everyday, I receive a lot of mails requesting for the best web development framework to learn in 2017 from my loyal readers. Having seen the population of the readers who wants to be educated on this topic, I was motivated to write this post to satisfy everyone in need of the topic.

To me, I don’t believe in learning the best web development framework because there are tons of web development framework in the universe and you only need to learn the one that is suitable for your needs and if you intend being a web developer, you should be able to learn more and also with some programming languages like PHP, C+, C++, Python, Java etc.

It’s now obvious that the rapid change in web development is increasing on daily basis. Technology has advanced in such a way that every human being is supposed to live by the trends.

Before I go into the topic in details, I do like to tell you what a web development framework is all about.

Definition: A web development framework could be described as a package made up of structures of files and folders of standardized code such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript documents etc. which can be used to develop a website.

What is The Best Web Development Framework to Learn?


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Web development framework is aimed to help web developers to give web structures so they don’t have to start from the scratch. Below are the best web development framework you can learn and get the best out of them.

Top 6 Web Development Framework You Should Consider To Learn

1. Angular Js2

This is the most complete web development framework in the market that is developed and backed up by Google. Apart from that, there is Angular JavaScript material that compliments Angular JavaScript with reuse-able part based on Material  Design Guidelines from Google. Angular JavaScript has become the JavaScript framework for large Enterprises and companies.

2. Typescript

Typescript is a super set of JavaScript that is the extension on Angular Js with features like class and module support, clear API definition and static type checking. It offers static compiling for large scale projects and easy to follow ECMAScript 6.

3. Polymer

 This web development framework was released last year in the month of may. Polymer is based around web components which is the best for packaging JavaScript, CSS and HTML into isolated widgets which can be imported into your web applications.

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4. Node JavaScript 

Node Js is the web development framework with the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the universe. Node js is a good choice to learn because of its long term support release and stability. Some popular websites like Walmart and Linkedin used some parts of Node Js for their web development.

5. React

React has gone higher with new releases throughout the year 2015 with new projects adopting it as their choice of library. React has brought new development tools few months ago for the developers to use.

6. Content Management System

The most popular web development framework today is CMS which many websites and blogs are built on. CMS is the most easiest and user-friendly web development framework which doesn’t need any programming languages. Examples of CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Jcow etc.

Having known the best web development framework, which of them do you think you should make your choice?

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