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7 Proven Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

There are many ways of writing blog post as a blogger in order to reduce bounce rate in your blog but the major problem is how many of your posts engage your blog visitors?

Well, like I use to say, blogging is easy but writing to engage your blog readers with your blog is the major problem with most bloggers.

I must tell you today that you can be a blogger and good at your niche but have you ever asked yourself why don’t visitors stay long on your website?

This is what is called bounce rate in blogging. When visitors gets to your website maybe through search engines, paid ads or social networks, after that they browse through your blog and just disappeared.

What do you think must have made them to leave your blog without having a second thought of checking other contents or pages?

Well, this is a big problem if your blog falls in that class because it is as good as you creating the blog for your personal consumption.

7 Proven Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

Now let me answer the above question.

If you are a blogger and you can’t motivate or engage your readers or visitors with your blog post, you have to start developing that skills because that’s what makes you a professional and you should also have in mind that bloggers are professionals, motivators and authors.

The major problem with most bloggers is that they set up their blogs with the intent to make money and that’s the reason when you see a newbie who just started blogging will start asking how he/she can apply for Google AdSense.

I want to remind you that if must make money with your blog, you must learn how to convert your website or blog visitors to your loyal readers or blog users. The ability to convert your website visitors to your loyal readers makes you a professional and an outstanding blogger among others.


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7  Ways Of Writing Blog Post To Engage Your Users and Reduce Bounce Rate

1. Create valuable contents

Your blog contents or posts is the main reason you have readers. Your blog contents or posts determines the kind of visitors that comes into your website. When you create quality and compelling content that people are paying to get on your websites for free, it attracts visitors and can easily convert those visitors into loyal readers.

You should understand that your loyal readers are those that trust and believe in you. The only way to get them is by posting quality contents and don’t engage in too cheap articles.

2. Tell stories and give examples

Telling stories will give your readers the clear pictures of the message you are trying to convey to them. When you tell stories and give instances, your readers see you as a professional and this brings out the uniqueness in you.

3. Write frequently

When you write often, you buy readers attention with your blog. There are people who find some websites meaningful to them and don’t like to miss any update from such websites.

Yours could be one if you are consistence in your niche and also come up with fresh contents. In this area, I am an example of such people. I do wake up in the early hours of the day to check for updates from my favorite websites. If you fail to post often, the tendency of loosing your readers is very high.

4. Always break your contents into paragraph

This helps a lot because when your readers are reading your blog and at a time they get tired and confused because all your words are stocked together. As a blogger, you should learn to break your contents into paragraphs and let each paragraph convey a meaning to your readers.

5. Link your posts

 Do you know that linking your posts alone can cut your website bounce rate?

This is a good search engine optimization practice and it keeps visitors on your website.

When a visitor get to your website and discovered a post related to what he/she is searching for through the link you created, the visitor will be compelled to visit that link and the more internal linking, the more the visitor stays on your website. Related posts, recent posts and linking back to your earlier post are good examples of linking your posts.

6. Make your writing simple

 You should also avoid using complex words that requires the use of dictionary before understanding. Make your writing simple that everyone reading it would understand.

7. Encourage comments

 Your blog’s comments are your reader’s mind. They can only express themselves only when you enable them to comments to your blog posts and replying their comments will encourage them to come again.

Some comments are questions which they expect you to answer while other may comment just to criticize you but never mind just answer the questions because they will always come back to check if a reply have been posted to their comments.


As a blogger or website owner, it is always good to create quality contents that will attract visitors to your website because contents is the king in blogging.

So what do you think about writing blog post to engage your readers and also making them to surf your blog more?

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