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How To Promote Clickbank Products Effectively For Maximum Profit

In my previous, I thought about how you can make money with Clickbank without having a website or blog. But right now, I’ll be sharing with you some magic formula on how to promote Clickbank products effectively for maximum profit without wasting your money on ads.

Sometimes, promoting Clickbank products could be a little bit confusing because there are over a thousand of products on Clickbank but it’s now left for you to know the best products that would convert when advertised. As a Clickbank affiliate, your aim is to get a product that would easily convert and so you make your money from it. But for you to be able to identify these products, there are some actions you need to implement so as to get your RIO after every ads you must have done. Below is a guide I want you to check out and then start implementing them on your internet business and not just Clickbank alone.

Step By Step Guide On How To Promote Clickbank Products

==> Get an Offer

Getting an offer is the first step on promoting Clickbank products after which you decide on the kind of ads method you wish to promote it. To get a good product to promote on Clickbank, you’ll need to conduct a product research on that product so as to know the demand of that product, the competition and the region that needed it most.

For you to do this, you should get a Keyword Research Tool, visit the vendor’s  website and then copy the product URL without your affiliate link. When you’re through with that, you’ll see the keywords people use in finding that vendor’s website and then use those Keywords in your ads and target them so as to get to the right people.

Clickbank products

How To Choose Clickbank Product To Promote

To choose the right Clickbank product for promotion, you’ll first of all go to

==> Clickbank account dashboard

==> Click on marketplace which will bring out a list of some products

==> Click on any of the category that you wish to promote or type in any niche or product at the search box above.

==> When the list of products are displayed, navigate through the top right corner, you’ll see “Popularity”. Click on the drop down to choose “Gravity” and set it from high to low. All the products will be assembled according to their gravity.

==> Then select the product you wish to promote. But it’s always good you choose a product which the gravity is above 50 because that shows that the product is performing well.

==> Get Traffic

To be successful in marketing Clickbank products or other affiliate products, you need to have good and quality traffic which will enable you to make money without going through much suffering. Getting quality traffic to your Clickbank products is as easy as ABC but you’ll need to know the principles of getting quality traffic which can convert.

Most successful internet marketers uses paid traffic to maximize their earnings and in most cases, you need to analyze the quality of traffic you’re getting to know which one work better so that you can stick to it. Ever since I started making money online, I’ve tried many sources of traffic including free and paid traffic, but at the end, I discovered that the free traffic sources are just to waste your time because you must perform some obligations before you get the traffic which doesn’t convert at all.

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Paid traffic have been the best source of traffic for any internet marketer but you should also know that it’s not all that convert and that is the reason you should always TEST and track your conversion so as to know the traffic source that convert better. I’ve have tried so many paid traffic using PPC to get my business going but got good result from Google Adword, Bing Ads, Adknowledge, Chikita and 7Search. These sites perform extremely well and I do recommend them for everyone marketing Clickbank products, CPA networks and other affiliate programs.


Traffic is all all about testing, analyzing and investing more on the high performing source. If you’re promoting a product and you discover that the product is getting more conversion, invest more on the traffic so as to maximize your earning faster. Don’t be afraid of competition around your marketplace.



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  1. Hi Marshal,

    I followed you from Ravi Ahuja’s blog, that is, earningguys.
    I think your write up here is great because I have used free traffic without results.
    My main problem has been getting the right traffic that converts to sales and it could be quite discouraging.
    I was just approved by PeerFly and I don’t know which products to promote for better profit there.

    — Please can I use PPC for Peerfly?
    — Which products perform best on ClickBank?
    — Please tell me exactly how to get started; I want to make real money to boost my morale in online marketing.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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