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  1. I have downloaded cyber ghost vpn software but i am not using the premium version and hope it is safe for me to use?

  2. Prince James Akpan

    Thanks for your useful information. God bless you, sir. How do I download vpn software, Cyber Ghost? What are the website of fiverr, seoclerks, infolinks or other affiliate freelances?

  3. Ali Umar Faragai

    Is there other means of receiving payment from online business other than PayPal, it seems tedious.

  4. Ali is correct in which it is tedious; however, would you recommend to buy a pre-made account or have someone set it up for me? I have found two possible sites, Aspkin forums and Auction Essistance. They can help set you up an account, but I am unsure if they can do Nigerian accounts.

  5. I opened a verified paypal account with my Zenith bank NG mastercard few days ago but I discovered that I can’t use it receive payment online.
    What do I do with this account if I am to use it for payment only?

  6. @Naoki, buying a verified paypal account is not a guarantee that your account cannot be limited by paypal. You can still do it yourself but the major thing there is to avoid logging in to your account with Nigeria I.P.
    You can read this post that will teach you the easiest way to open a verified paypal account without much stress

  7. This is good information, but do you think it is a good idea to buy a pre made verified PayPal from Auction Essistance?

  8. How can I receive money with the Nigeria PayPal from other countries? Help pls

  9. Faster way if you want to receive Payoneer MasterCard then sign up and start receiving money within one month if you receive or load 100 USD from any U.S based marketplace/company then Payoneer will provide you 25 USD gift

  10. Thank you Admin, you mention government issue id card, do i have to use my nigeria National ID Card or which ID Card to use?

  11. How do I receive money through my Nigerian PayPal into my local bank account?

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