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How To Make Easy Money On Fiverr – Step by Step Guide

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can make easy money just by buying or selling your products or professional services in exchange for cash.

In fiverr, there are many ways to make money online ranging from selling of services to products. If you are talented and want to sell your talent in exchange of money, Fiverr is the right platform to do that.

Most of the products or services are being sold for five dollars ($5) which is the least amount generally accepted.

Before you can start making money on fiverr, you must be a registered member and to do that, you need to go to fiverr official website and sign up for an account.

When you are done with the sign up process, an email will be sent to you which will need you to sign in to your email account to verify your email address.

When you must have verified your email account, you go back to fiverr official website to sign in and start completing your profile which is very necessary for you.

make easy money on fiverr

How to Make Easy Money on Fiverr by Creating a Charming Profile

Do you know that the more professional your Fiverr profile look, is the more it attract buyers to your products or services.

To create a charming profile that attracts buyers, you need to be a professional and experience marketer.

Before a buyer order for your products or services, they will first of all access your profile and see what you have to offer before they can contact you for any business.

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So if you want to attract buyers, you need to create a compelling profile which will be your selling point.

When creating your profile, you need to upload your own picture or business logo as your profile picture and also complement it with a professional bio about your products or services for instance if you are a blogger and want to make money quickly, you need to include that along with your blog url on your profile and this will attract buyers who wants article writers to order for your service.

How to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr

Creating attractive gigs is the major problem with most people have. If you want buyers for your gig, create a charming and compelling profile which can attract any buyer who browse through it.

You should also be aware that when you create a gig you can’t deliver is not really ideal because your buyers will be disappointed at you and so it is advisable to go for what you are good at.

Steps in Creating an Attractive Gig on Fiverr

  1.  Title: Your gig title is the first thing your buyers will read first when they are searching for products or services to buy. So it is always good to create a short title with at least 50 to 70 letters.

2.  Category: There are many categories on Fiverr where you can place your gig. The category you place your gig matters a lot and it’s good to place your gig on a category related to the product or services you want to sell because this will help buyers to find them quickly.

For instance if you are an article writer, you should choose the article category to include yours.

3.  Gallery: When you add a gig without pictures, it makes it look like you are not a professional in that niche.

A gig without picture hardly sell on fiverr because of the competition everywhere. So to make your gig sell quickly, you should upload at least 3 to 5 pictures of your recent work done to prove that you are good and can deliver such service perfectly. Fiverr also recommend videos made by you to sell your gig faster.

4.  Promoting your gig: When you are done with the creation of your gig, promoting it is very necessary because that’s what will attract more buyers to the gig.

You can do the promotion for free of charge by sharing on social medias, via email and also via the buyers request which is already on fiverr.

Top 3 Best Selling Gigs on Fiverr to Make Easy Money

1. Writing: If you are good in article writing and you want to make money online, this is the right place for you to show your writing skills. There are many bloggers on fiverr who are ready to pay for your articles and so don’t miss this opportunity.

2. Graphics and animations designs: If you are good at designs, you can make money from people who are searching for logos, posters, flyers and business cards designers.

3. Online marketing: This is mainly for people who are skilled in marketing. You can create a gig on getting traffic, backlinks and seo e.t.c and this will earn you a lot of money. The demand of this gig is very high on the internet.

So if you know that you have skilled and want to make easy money online, Fiverr is the right place for you to kick off and so what are you still waiting for? Click here to join Fiverr now…

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