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5 Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Free

Today, I’m going to talk about 5 effective ways to increase website traffic for free.  As a blogger or a site owner, it is good to know the importance of traffic to your business. The main secret about website traffic is to know the market in your niche and also what your audience want or search for because this will help you achieve your career goals.

The major thing about knowing your real market is that it gives you targeted audience or visitors who will later become your loyal readers. When you get these readers, they do everything possible to promote your blog or site both online and offline.

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One way of getting loyal reader is when you give your blog readers what they want and they will do the blog promotion for free of charge without even knowing what they are doing.

Now the question is how does your blog readers promote your blog for free of charge? Well, don’t let the answer bother you because as you keep reading, you will find out how it happen and you will be surprise after reading this post.

Do you know that most blog readers uses words-of-mouth to promote your blog for you and this is the best type of advertisement so far while some uses social media share button to share your posts among their friends and some creates backlinks to your blog when they post on forums and other blogs using the post url as reference for people to be convinced on what they are talking about.

By so doing, you have seen the possible means visitors can troop into your blog via your blog loyal readers. But never mind there are some things you need before you can get these loyal readers which I am about sharing with you now….

increase website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

  • Get ideas of what to write about

Before I started my blogging career, I always browse through other people’s blogs and forums on daily bases to get better ideas on what to blog about. I do get inspiration from questions peoples ask in the forum.

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There was a day I visited a forum and discovered that majority of the people in that forum were asking a particular question repeatedly and there were just few answers to the question but wasn’t satisfying.

But as a blogger, I wrote a post solving that problem and posted an explicit answer to the question and also provided my blog url as the source for them to read more. After then, I discovered that my answer was the right one that solved the problem they have been trying to solve.

Do you know that when I checked on my blog traffic statistics, I discovered that what I posted on that forum gave me a lot of traffic and from that day, I began to see more comments on my blog different from what I have been seeing before?

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So with this, you can just imagine when you answer some questions on forum like Nairaland and that post was pushed to front page, do you know how many pageviews your blog will get via that post alone?

  • Perform Keyword research before writing

When you find a topic of your choice either on forums, yahoo answers, and Google alert or on other people’s blog, pick the keywords of that topic and tweak it using long tail pro or Google keyword planner to analyze the keywords so as to discover the main keywords people are searching for.

When you use these keyword tools, many keywords will be displayed but it’s ideal to pick the one with at least 1000 search volume with less competitors. When you go for highly competitive keywords that have so much blogs having it, your blog might not top the list of search engines because there are many blogs competing for that keywords.

  • Stick to a niche

Sticking to a niche you are good at is another great secret to get more visitors to your blog. This is very effective in generating traffic to your blog. Take for instance now in Nigeria, when you are searching for entertainment news, you go to Lindaikeja’s blog, for technology blog, you go to Ogbongeblog or for blogging tips, you go to Problogger. Visitors don’t like seeing posts that are not related to the niche they are searching for.

When you stick to a niche, it helps your blog gain authority on search engines which will pass the real information of what your blog is all about to the readers.

  •  Add social networks sharing button

Nowadays, people spend almost 75% of their time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Socail networks are great source of traffic if you can manage it well. The best way drive traffic from social networks is by regular update of your social network profile. You can either automate your post by scheduling it for autoposting.

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  • Create backlinks to your site

Backlinks from popular sites are great ways to increase website traffic and it’s also a good SEO practice as well. When you create backlinks to your site from authority sites, you get more traffic to your site. You can create backlinks by blog commenting, forum post etc which are great ways to increase website traffic.

So now that I have showed you the secret on how to increase website traffic for free, I hope you’ll utilize this information to maximize your website traffic?

Over to you..

How else do you think you can increase website traffic without paying a dime?


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  1. These are practical tips. I believe the quality of the content is another important factor too. Remember, content is king. Writing top-notch content will increase traffic too.

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