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Importation Business From China, U.k And U.S To Nigeria

Importation business have been one of the most lucrative business now in Nigeria. As the name implies, importation means bringing things from one country into another.

Nigeria as a country today is a country with the largest population in Africa but due to our economic, we don’t find it easy in the production of some valuables which made some other countries to be above us. Online importation business men and women have made a lot of money with this and so many other people who intent to go into the business are not well informed because the rich ones do not want to reveal the secret of the business to them.

importation business

What you need to know about importation business

  1. Importation business is real and legally approved by the government of the state.
  2. The Importation of food items, drugs, any form of powder are not idea because its against the country’s policy.
  3. Patience is the key to importation business because the goods might not arrive at the exact time the merchant promised.
  4. An online payment processor is required for successful transaction.
  5. You should learn to identify scammers and beware of them most especially the once that promises a huge amount of discount.

Requirement For Starting Importation Business

  1. A computer
  2.  An internet connection
  3.  A valid government issued id card.
  4.  An online payment processor or credit card.
  5.  US address (depending on the website you are buying from)

Where to buy cheap items online

There are so many websites or eCommerce websites to buy things online but the prices of their items differs. The websites I am about to reveal to you right now are where you can buy the cheapest items online. The items include computers, mobile phones, security gadgets, home appliances, jewelries, clothes, mobile and computer accessories and more.

The following websites I listed here below are those I have used and I confirmed them ok and safe for your use as at the time of publishing this post.

1. Aliexpress.com: This is a china website and its very good for purchasing things like jewelries (e.g wrist watch, neck lase, mobiles accessories, clothes and shoes etc.). In this website, it is always advisable to buy from the top rated sellers and you can make free shipping using the china postal service.

2. Dhgate.com: This is another company located at china just like Aliexpress. Buying from them is as easy as abc and should beware of scammers here too.

3. Amazon.com: This website is a U.S base website and its good for buying high quality gadgets like computers, security devices, mobile phones, electronics and other appliances. Amazon is one of the world’s best market place to buy from.

4. Ebay.com: This is almost the same with Amazon and their products are also cheaper and affordable.

There are still other once I didn’t mention here but I mentioned the few above because they are the once I have used.  The list below are still Ok for your online shopping and I listed them here due to their users experiences I have gathered from different blogs and forums.

1. BestBuy.com

2. Walmart.com

3. Impart.com

4. Dx.com

5. Antelife.com

How to make payment online

Making payment online is where everyone who intend to go for importation business tends to be afraid of. There are many methods of making payments online which include the use of paypal, credit card, escrow payment solid trust pay and others. But don you know that even when you make payment through paypal, you can still be scammed? So I will advise you to always use Escrow payment as your means of payment and if the seller refuse to accept this means of payment, just forget about it because that seller might be a scammer.

Escrow payment system is an online payment service that stand as a third party or barrier between a buyer and the seller of goods. They ensures that the buyer receive the item purchased before releasing the money to the seller. And they also ensure that the buyer also release the money to them before the seller releases the purchased items. I have used Escrow payment several times for safe shopping online.

So what do you think about making money importing items from other Countries to Nigeria?

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  1. Pls i will like to know how much they charges for shipping to Akure.

  2. Marshal Nosa

    The shipping cost depends on the courier you used. I think DHL is more expensive and faster depending on when you want your item to arrive.

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  6. Francis Osisiogu

    Your missing out one site that is very reliable and trustworthy dey ship free and it takes less than a month. call me 08067303341 if u want to know full detail about the site and how to shop successfull

    • Marshal Nosa

      I know there are still other websites you can shop online but the once I mentioned above are those I am very sure of their service. If you still have more, you can still share with us here instead of giving out your contact to call you. That would have be the best way of letting us know.

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