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How To Write An Effective Blog Post In Just 15 Minutes

Writing an effective blog post can be so confusing sometimes but it is the best strategy to attract search engines bots to analyze your blog contents and generate organic traffic to your blog.

One secret about writing search engine optimized content is that it gives organic traffic to your blog and this type of traffic is more effective than paid traffic.

Creating well search engine optimized content is not as difficult as people thought it use to be but it’s a tactic you should start from the beginning of your blog creation.  When you do this, it will help to promote your blog’s page rank on search engines.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some Tips For Writing Great Blog Post.

SEO Tips For Writing An Effective Blog Post

1. Optimize your post titles

Do you know that your post titles are what brings visitors and search engine bots to read your contents?  Well, should if you are not aware, I want to use this opportunity to tell you.

When you have a well optimized post titles on your blog, it helps to increase the rank of the post on search engines and this is what every blogger should look into before publishing his / her blog post. When you have a charming and compelling title on your blog, it attracts both search engines and visitors to it.

How To Write An Effective Blog Post In Just 15 Minutes


How to optimize your post titles

==> Put the main keyword of the post in the post title.

==> Tweak the post title harder and avoid using a keyword twice.

==> Make the post title short and descriptive.

==> Always use long tail keywords that people might search for on the internet.

Optimize your post content

Your post content is the reason anyone who visit your blog stay longer and also come back again to read.

Your post content is another reason search engines consider before sending organic traffic to your blog. A well optimized content consist of the keywords and good writing skills which improve the rate at which traffic gets in to your blog.

How to optimize your content for search engine

==> Use italic for phrases that can be searched for while writing.

==> Use Bold for your main keywords.

==> Use long tail keywords instead of ordinary keywords while writing your post.

==> Make your post length be at least 300 to 800 words.

==> Always add images to your content.

==> Use alt tag for your images

==> Give paragraph while writing.

Optimize your meta description

Meta description allows your readers know what your post is talking about. When your meta description is well optimized, it allows search engine bots to index and analyze your blog quickly. This helps to give your blog more impression.

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How to optimize your meta description

==> Avoid using words like of, to, and, is, or, @,& and other special characters in the meta tag description.

==> Use at least 2 to 3 combination of long tail keywords.

==> Make the meta description at least 150 characters.

Optimize the images in your blog posts

When you optimize your post images, it enables it to be easily read by search engines and your readers too. Search engines love optimized images on posts and because of that, make sure you always add one or more images describing what your post is talking about inside the post.

How to optimize your post images

==> Let the image or file name be related to the post title.

==> Make the description of the image short.

==> Always include the keywords on the “alt tags” of the images.

Apply sub-title tags inside your post

When writing a post, make sure the post has sub-title inside it because it is good for your blog’s SEO. The sub-title tags alert or tell search engines that your blog have rich contents inside of it and this could increase your blog’s page rank.

How to add sub-title inside your blog post

==> Always use the h1, h2 or h3 tags while writing.

If you should stick to these SEO writing tips while writing your blog post, in no distance time your blog will top the list of search engine ranks. So it is always good to write greatly for the best search engine optimization.

So do you have any question or addition to this topic? Kindly use the comment box below let’s hear from you.

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