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Must Read: Tips To Choose Domain Name For Your Website

A Domain name can be referred to the name used to find a webpage or website on the internet. It also gives a hint of what a website does or the purpose of a website and because of that, a domain name can also be described as the unique name or address pointing to a website.

For a business to exist online, it must have a domain name which may be related to the business because with the aid of a domain name, the business can be easily be found. A domain name is very essential for any business to be successful online.

Also note that for a business to be successful on the internet, it must have a good domain name structure which have the capacity to bring visitors to the website. A good name possesses some unique qualities and features which I am about to discuss with you now. Before you choose a name for your website, I will like you to take note of the following.

Tips To Choose A Good Domain Name

Consider your business name or website niche

Your domain name should describe your business or the class your website niche fall into. For instance, if you want to set up a domain name for a store that sells clothes, it is ideal to choose a domain name that is related to fashion or the name of the business if it already exist.

If you are a blogger and you want to set up a technology blog, your domain name should have at least a keyword of technology niche.

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Having a keyword of your website niche doesn’t mean you must spell out the word technology but you can still use something like www dot techworld dot com and this will tell your visitors that your blog is talking about technology and will help them come back again to visit your website and it will also help the visibility of your website on the search engines.

Tips To Choose Domain Name For Your Website

Avoid lengthy domain name

I think this was the greatest mistake I made in the year 2012 when I created my first blog and a forum. As at then, because I was learning how to carry out keywords rules and then I over used it.

What am I talking about here, what I did then was that I got a domain name that was 16 letter words and had 3 keywords joined together.

Do you know what happened when a visitor come to the site?

They browse through the site and do call me for help but when I tell them that the information they are asking me of have been posted, they do ask me to give them the url of the website again.

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After this, I was like how do they get to know about the website, their reply was that they got it through google search engines.

So what am I talking about?

Your domain may contain all the keywords your website need to rank high on the search engines but it cannot easily be memorized by your visitors. A good domain name is not supposed to exceed at least ten (13) letter words so that it can easily be remembered.

Try using a good domain extension

The .com, .net, .org are very popular domain extension by most websites. The .com extension is the best because even a person who doesn’t know anything about the internet will always end up using .com after he/she must have been through typing the website he/she intend to visit.

The .net is also good while the .org is mainly used by government organizations, non-profitable organizations etc and also with some extension like .ng, .uk, .nl etc are mainly used for domestic websites

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Avoid using special characters

This is another mistake most people makes. They seems to add characters like dash, hyphen and different kinds of strings to their domain names.

This is not really a good idea. Make your domain simply and easy to type. Ensure that you don’t stress your visitors trying to remember your domain name that will lead them to guessing because when they do, they will find themselves in another website.

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