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Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

In this post, I’m going to reveal to you the best keyword research tools which you can use to get the best paying keywords, carry out keyword competition analysis and also rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. If you’re a blogger who intend to write a great and compelling contents in order to get organic traffic from search engines, I think you should read this post carefully and it will guide you on how to get the best keyword research tools for writing your blog contents.

Every blogger around the world should know the importance of keyword research which is one of the most important tasks in search engine optimization. Besides quality content, a proper and thorough keyword research is necessary to drive traffic to your website or blog. Before you write your blog post, you need to find what keywords resonate best with your target audience and then apply them in order for search engines to rank your blog higher among its competitors.

Keyword research is an ongoing task which takes a lot of your time and effort and it is very important to do it before you publish any of your post.

In this topic, I have compiled a list of the 10 best keyword research tools that can help you tremendously in doing proper and thorough keyword research before writing your post.

Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

1. Google Keyword Tools

This is the most popular free and best keyword research tools used by most website or blog owners. It displays the search frequency taken from Google and is directly linked to AdWords. You can carry out keyword research using your AdWords account or else have to enter the captcha every time you carry out a keyword search.

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2. SpyFu

This is a useful online keyword research tool that helps you to carry out keyword research of your competitor’s ad campaigns and supports you in discovering new keywords and keyword ideas.

SpyFu comes with a unique feature known as SpyFu Kombat that can you can analyze and compare upto 3 domains at a time thereby uncovering hidden opportunities for you. It accompanies the results with a comprehensive set of useful statistics.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is another powerful and very useful keyword tool use for performing keyword research. It is successful in providing useful information about competitor’s PPC keyword targeting, traffic data and can do rank tracking, as well.

This keyword research tool is very fast, reliable and correct in its results. It delivers a quick turnaround time, so you need not spend much of your time looking up for results on SEMRush.

4. Long Tail Pro

This is one of the handiest and easy-to-use keyword research tool widely used by most bloggers and website owners. It lets you find profitable keywords quickly and easily.

One great advantage of using Long Tail Pro is that it can generate long-tail keyword targets, so it becomes easy for you to rank high in SERPs. You can also set filter criteria and can get keyword results according to pre-determined criteria.

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Some of the notable features of Long Tail Pro include the ability to search multiple keywords at once, carry out competitor analysis, do auto-search and rank tracking, do pre-filter keywords, can do keyword competitiveness, and includes lots of other features as well.

5. Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing keyword research is another organic keyword research tool and has cool features that makes your keyword research absolutely easy, simple, fast, creative and reliable. You can look forward to features such as a key phrase research, language filter and lots of other features as well. It can also allow you to research your competitors’ backlinks and helps you with organic search data.

6. Keyword Discovery

This tool comes as one of the most powerful and yet simple keyword research tool on the internet. It can help you to give search phrases and keywords people use to look for, products and services e.t.c. You can also do research for search terms which bring traffic to your competitor’s website.

7. Market Samurai

This is another keyword tool for search engine optimization including keyword research. It comes with a complete set of tools which is known as modules that includes tools such as Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Promotion, and lots of other tools, as well.

Market Samurai comes with built-in proxies, so you don’t require filling in any Captcha’s for doing keyword research or using any other module. It is a comprehensive and wholesome package for SEO tasks.

8. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is one of the easy-to-use, most powerful, comprehensive, and cost-effective keyword research tool. It is very fast in performance and can display thousands of keywords instantly.

Wordtracker separates the keyword results in terms of singular and plural variations based on capitalization and includes other variations as well. You can also do keyword research based on exact matches as well as for general terms.

9. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is another keyword tool for doing keyword research and is mainly used to carry out pay-per-click competitive intelligence. It can be also regarded as one of the best competitive intelligence tools. By using KeywordSpy, you can easily look at your competitor’s keywords and ads. It can be used to know profitable keywords, ad copy and niches so that you can also start a new and profitable PPC campaign.

10. KeywordEye

KeywordEye is highly suitable for the SEO of small and medium-sized businesses. It includes SEO Tools such as keyword research, competitive analysis, link management, and site optimization.

This tool presents the researched keywords visually not showing them in the form of rows of data. The words which have high search volume are greater in size than the words which have low search volume. The keywords get the color range from red to green depending upon the competition. So KeywordEye makes it easy for you to find keywords which are low on competition and have a high search volume.

To round it up, these keyword research tools mentioned above are the best keyword research tools you could ever find online and they’re the vital ingredient that makes up and sustain your website or blog on the internet. These tools give you direction of what people are searching for and you write about it. With this, your blog gains organic search engine traffic.

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  1. This is a great list of keyword research tools. Even I have been using SEMRush from last 2 months for doing keyword research for my sites. It’ s really a great tool.

    I would also like to mention from my experience that if anyone doing keyword research may also to refer to ahrefs. It is a tool from where you can find your website competitors and that use the competitors site on SEMRush to find out what all keywords does your competitor is ranking which provides a beneficial information about the Keyword Research for your website.

  2. Richardson Peter

    Longtail pro is very effective in keywords research. It gives the detailed information about a particular keyword with the competitors involved. One thing about it is that, it’s too expensive but you can get the trial version for $1 which last for 10 days.

  3. SEMRush has proved to be a very effective tool for keyword research. Considering the importance of keyword to ranking, it is a must-use for bloggers. Thanks for the writ-up.

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