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5 Best Affiliate Tracking Software You Must Know

Most CPA affiliate marketers around the world really wants to know the mail source of their traffic and keywords that convert. Because of this reason, the need for affiliate tracking software is necessary for every affiliate marketers.

Many CPA affiliate networks on the internet allow affiliates to track conversions instantly with CPA affiliate tracking software which tracks and manages affiliate campaigns, traffic from different sources, managing landing pages, managing offers and tracking convergence for affiliate marketers.

affiliate tracking software

Affiliate tracking software provides reports by which affiliate marketers can know how much money they are making, which campaigns and traffic sources are working and many more reports which give full details how their affiliate campaigns is going on the internet.

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Today I’ll be listing the top 5 CPA affiliate tracking software that can help you to track your affiliate marketing performance and ease your work for you as an affiliate marketer.

Top 5 CPA Affiliate Tracking Software For Publishers

1. Thrive

This software is for big affiliate with a lot of traffic. Thrive comes as hosted and self-hosted affiliate tracking software and it tracks web and mobile campaigns.

This affiliate tracking software is a powerful self-hosted tracking solution, which means all your tracking data is with you. For advanced affiliate with a lot of traffic, you can use Thrive’s managed cloud solution for this, you don’t need your own hosting.

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2. Prosper202

Prosper202 is an affiliate tracking software for beginners in CPA affiliate marketing. It is a free affiliate tracking software which tracks CPA convergence and it’s also a self-hosted tracking software which you can install on your web server. This software let you include many traffic sources, affiliate campaign, landing pages, e.t.c

3. Bevo Media

Bevo Media is a hosted affiliate tracker software which allow you track any conversion funnel inclusive of keywords, landing page conversions, geographic conversions, day parting and much more. You can start for free with Bevo media and then subscribe to enable all features.

Bevo media also allow you to track ads, keywords, landing pages, IPs, traffic sources, mobile settings, custom variables and more.

4. CPV Lab

CPV Lab is a paid affiliate tracking software that allow you to track any traffic source and any type of conversion. The main feature of CPV Lab is copying campaigns and easy split testing. CPV Lab offers easy optimization like if any keyword or campaign is not performing as per your criteria it will highlight that keyword and campaign.

Adding campaigns, landing pages, traffic source etc are very easy in CPV Lab and it also offers to track email campaigns and if you don’t need any other software to track email campaign. CPV Lab is self-hosted tracking software which cost onetime fee of $297 after the first year, you can get regular update and support for $147 annually.

5. Voluum

Voluum is a CPA affiliate software for an advanced affiliate marketer. With Voluum, you don’t need any hosting or software installation and it’s all in one affiliate tracking solution which can track both web and mobile, mobile app tracking and much more. With it’s easy to use dashboard, great reporting, live conversion tracking makes it a great solution.

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  1. A new software just got released around the time you wrote this post so it’s no surprise Click Ticker wasn’t on your radar. Check it out though, a bit more expensive than voluum, but way more effective.

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    @Ben, how does click ticker works? A friend of mine gave me the software but the environment seems to be complicated.

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