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These 8 Tips Will Improve Your Blog’s Google Ranking

Google Ranking: How To Improve Your Blog's Traffic

Google’s search engine uses various methods to determine blog posts that appears first after a user searches for an information. Their exact method for ranking blog posts is a secret, but there are few things you can always do each time you post in order to rank in Google search engine. This practise is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

There are no guarantees that your blog posts will rank quicker and if someone assures you that, he’s probably trying to scam you. No matter what you are doing, just make sure you provide unique contents on your blog. This is the key and the first step towards ranking in Google search engine.

If you follow these 8 tips on Google ranking, sooner or later your search presence will increase and your post will rank higher.

8 Tips to Improve Your Blog’s Google Ranking

Google Rank Tip #1. A Unique Blog Post Title

Give your blog posts a short and descriptive title with the keyword phrase included. This is vital because google often displays information based on the title of blog posts, so you have to write your blog title appropriately.

Google Rank Tip #2. Keyword Phrases

A keyword phrase is the words you assume someone is likely to input into google search engine when searching for your information. Putting lots of efforts into your keyword phrases is the key to improving your blog’s google ranking.

Your keyword phrases should always appear in your first paragraphs, somewhere in the middle of your content (twice if possible) and somewhere at the end of your post.

Do not stuff keywords into your posts or make it look unnatural. That makes your blog content look spammy.

Lastly, you have to make sure your blog posts are easy to understand. And also try to use the words that humans use when searching for information. This gives your readers the impression that your content is helpful.

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#3. Keyword Phrase

One of the things google looks out for when it indexes pages is the density of the keyword (focus keyword) which means the number of times the keywords in a blog post

Be natural when writing, don’t try repeating keywords over and over again. It doesn’t work. Most times Google ban people because of this behaviour.

Give a strong opening of what your post is all about in the first paragraph of your post. This is a very good practise because it helps search engine find your pages.

#4. Make your graphics search friendly

Always give your images altributes. This is important because you have another chance to place your relevant keywords where google can see them. Just don’t stuff keywords that don’t belong. It also makes your blog more accessible to the visually impaired.

#5. Pay Attention To Links

One of the biggest factors google looks at is the hyperlink

Google looks at both links to and from your website.

Google looks at the words you use in links to help determine the content of your page. Use links within blog pages as a way to emphasize keywords. Rather than saying, “click here to learn more about SEO” you should say: Read more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Links from other websites to your website are used to determine PageRank.

You can improve your PageRank by exchanging text links with other relevant websites. Linking to your own blog is fine. Be a good citizen and link to places other than your own blog – but only when relevant. Banner exchanges are not effective, and pages that want to charge you for this service are often known spammers that can hurt your rank.

There’s some debate about just how many links you should have per page. This is one of those rules that’s likely to bite you if you abuse it, so the key, again, should be to be helpful and natural with the rate and quantity of links you offer. Scripts that link your content to other pages or ads within your site may end up damaging your site in the long run.

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#6. Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites is also one of the best way to improve the traffic of a blog, though it does not clear how it affects your rank directly. That said, you may realize that most of your traffic are coming from social networks, so make sure that your contents are social friendly. Give your blog engaging titles and do not forget to always add pictures.

#7. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Research has shown that an increasing number of people are using smartphone to search for content. For the sake of good user experience and search engine, make your blog mobile friendly because it engages your readers and is alsi a good google ranking signal.

#8. Good Design Is Popular Design

Lastly, strong and well organized pages are those pages that Google tends to rank higher. They’re also pages that tend to become more popular, which means Google will rank them even higher. Keep good design in mind as you go, and much of the SEO will design itself.

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