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Top 5 Best Author Box Plugin for your WordPress blogs

5 best Author box plugin for WordPress Blogs

Presently, a significant number of wordpress blog have author box at end of each post. Presently it’s winding up extremely well known to have author box in author blog.

The majority of you definitely know author box and its importance to oversee multi-author blogs. There are numerous plugins that add author box to your blog. However, I’m sharing 5 Best Author Box Plugin with numerous incredible features. Simple and advance plugins.

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Here I’m sharing the best author box plugins for wordpress. You can try any of them you need.

1. Better Author Bio:

This is best author box plugin I like from our rundown of best author box plugin and would prescribe to use as it don’t require any coding. Its simply basic, slick and clean :D. Here are few reasons Why I like this plugin!

• It’s simple, clean and elegant.
• View All Post by Author Option
• Author Blog Link
• Author Social Profile Link
• It shows Number of Articles written by author
• Too much easy to install and configure!

2. Fancier Author Box:

Gives identity to your single or multi-author with Fancier Author Box Plugin. This plugin come with extraordinary features and additionally links to author posts and most recent post. You can easily show or hide recent post. In spite of the fact that I’ve not used it but many other blogs are using it and its working great!

There is also paid version of Fancier Author Box which gives you more propel features like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Tabs. You can read more here!

Here are few feature of premium version of this plugin.

• Simple and Clean
• Link to Author Latest Post
• Social Icons below avatar
• Easy to enable / customize its look and tab option!

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3. Social Author Bio:

Like others, this plugin automatically includes an author bio box with Gravatar and social icons on your every post. This is the most configurable author bio box with social profile links. It comes with 15+ Social profile links. You can without much of a stretch customize any of them. Here are few features of this plugin!

• Simple yet stylish like others! 😉
• Gravatar with Author Bio
• Shows Number of post by author
• 15+ Social Profiles Links.

4. Cool Author Box

This plugin does not need much introduction. This plugin additionally works like others yet it style is different as seen in the screenshot above. This plugin will add author box to end of your post with icons at base right side and link to author site and archives!

5. Custom About Author

This is the last plugin from our list of best author box plugin. This plugin looks like Social Author Bio. In any case, Its simple with just 4 social profile and rounded corner! It doesn’t contain link to author archives! Despite the fact that its great plugin. You can attempt!

Over To You!

Why do you think author box is important for sites? Keep in mind to tell me which best author box plugin you use in your blog in comment area!

Happy Blogging! 🙂

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